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Geoffrey Wossum (

cccl is a wrapper around Microsoft Visual C++'s cl.exe and link.exe.  It
converts Unix compiler parameters into parameters understood by cl and link.
cccl's main use is for using Unix build processes with Microsoft compilers.
Using cccl in conjunction with ports of Unix utilities, it is possible to
build many Unix packages using MSVC, without modifying the build process.
Why would I build a wrapper script to make cl and link act like gcc, when
gcc is available for Windows?  I had a cross-platform project that I wanted
to use autoconf/automake/libtool for the build process.  The obvious thing
to do would have been to use gcc on all platforms.  But on Windows I was
using some third-party libraries that didn't work with gcc, only with
MSVC.  By creating cccl, I was able to use the same build process with the
MSVC compiler, with only minimal changes to the build process.  This
saved a great deal of time.

Even though it's extremely simple and stupid, it saved me a lot of hassle
in the build process.  I tried to look for an already existing program to
do this, but none existed (that I could find).  I decided that since it
proved so useful to me, I should release it to the world.

Geoffrey Wossum
Last modified: Thu Aug 9 01:26:01 CDT 2001